Instructions for use

Protocol for Potatosize™ field digs

Equipment Required:

  • One tape measure
  • One garden fork
  • One bucket
  • One weigh scale (if estimated field tonnage required)
  • One reference sheet of paper (preferably laminated)

Tips for accurate results

  1. The more samples taken in a block the more idea you will get of the crops status (Normally 3 digs for crops up to 1 ha, 4 digs for crops 1-4 ha and 6 digs for crops over 4 ha)
  2. Sample diagonally across the crop block
  3. Start at least 25 m in from headland and at least 3 beds from the edge of the crop. Make sure you cross the whole crop area especially if it has different seed sizes planted in it.
  4. Avoid tramlines and the bed either side; also avoid areas with obvious problems eg flooded

Dig Instructions

  1. Calculate the row width of the planting system to enter into the ‘dig details’ section in the app.

    For uneven width rows such as a bed system please make sure you determine the average row spacing to ensure accurate weight estimation. If in doubt check with the field manager.
  2. Measure the length of row you are going to dig and enter this into the ‘dig details’ section of the app. Ensure you are accurate with the measurement and only take the tubers in the dig area. A suggested good length is 2 metres.
  3. Flatten the soil where the sample has been collected and lay the tubers out on the soil surface. Ensure the tubers are not over lapping and are in a group. Remove any soil that might hide or distort the shape of the tuber. Ensure there are no shadows, foliage or any other objects obscuring the potatoes.

    Potatoes on top and overlapping each other

    Potatoes in more than one distinct group

    Strong shadows across the image

    Other objects in the image
  4. Place the reference sheet next to the sample of potatoes, make sure the sheet is not obscured by soil or any other object.
    Reference sheet corners bent over and not the correct shape
    Object holding down reference sheet and obscuring it
  5. Take a photo directly from above the sample of potatoes. Make sure the reference sheet is included in the frame. Avoid under or over exposure of the image.
    Picture taken at an angle across the potatoes
    Under exposed image
    Over exposed image
  6. Once the sample is collected, if a yield estimate is required weigh the sample and enter the weight into the ‘dig details’ section in the app.
  7. Use the app to send the sample photo for processing and analysis. Once the image has been successfully processed your account will be charged for the analysis of the photo.